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April 19, 2005


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I should note that Ratzinger wasn't just one of the people advocating denying Communion to (presumably) John Kerry -- he was from what I can tell, the first and definitely the loudest voice. He was the main guy.


Now let's see should the sign of the cross now end with a straight-arm 45-degree open palm salute, a la "in the name of the furher, the son and the holy ghost sieg heil?"


To echo what I said over at Blogfucker:

To be fair, he was forced to join the Hitler Youth, he asked to de-enlist several times, and was eventually allowed to leave. And he deserted -- risking execution -- from his forced-labor job and went back to seminary.

I'm no fan of Ratzinger, but by all accounts he wasn't a Nazi.


For me the top issue has always been women's rights within the Catholic Church; they use scripture-based lunacy to lock us out of the power structure. Until Women can become priests, I just can't take them seriously on any issue, and with Ratzinger in place it looks like I can continue sleeping late on Sundays...


Thankyou for your careful preparation of notes on the new Pope. I am blogging your article to http://catholicsagainstthepope.blogspot.com

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