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May 20, 2004



What, meals in 15 minutes? That's imoblsipse or so I thought. It's the low carb that is freaking me out because I'm carbohydrate junkie. Not only are there 100 s of recipes in this easy-to-read cookbook. There are explanations, descriptions of appliances needed, and techniques details and convenience foods. The ah-huh moments for me were:Ice cube preservation spoon left over sauce into ice trays, freeze and use them laterInteresting short cuts minced garlic in oil, jarred grated gingerroot, crushed pork rinds and tapenadeLittle known nutritional facts phytochemicals in onion, rice protein powder, the power of vinegar and vege-sal.Carpender proves that low carb doesn't mean no taste. The recipes are quick, cost-effective and delicious. The following recipes get two thumbs up meaning you should eat now and often:Parmesan Chicken BreastsLettuce WrapsButtered Salmon with Creole SeasoningBorder Town Chicken SaladItalian Sausage with Onions and PeppersSlow Cooker Chicken GuadalupeThere are a few items that instantly yell are you kidding me (because I have crazy childhood memories of eating them in bulk) like 15+ ways to cook cauliflower, multiple ways to fix asparagus and 4 varieties of artichokes. The menu choices in this cookbook will alter your life. Cutting the time you spend in the kitchen will allow for more time for family (or to relax in quiet while your family believes you are slaving away in the kitchen). Carpender thanks for doing the hard work of combining taste and nutritional value into quick low carb recipes. You've made me a new low carb fan.DeltareviewerReviewing for Real Page Turners

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