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June 10, 2004


Tony Eves

My Prayers and thoughts are with the poor People of Lidice,I cannot forgive the perpertrators behind the attrocities of that faitful day and for all other people murdered by barbarians.God Bless Lidice.RIP AND LOVE FROM THE UK

Martha Cavanagh

This was performed as a one act play at a small college in Pennsylvania, Cabrini College in 1975. Directed by Daniele A. Perna. The actors were students at the college. I was a student at the performances and to this day can remember the sound of the actors voices and the looks on the faces of the audience. Extraordinarily moving.


I have spent 20 years searching for a full copy of this poem and this is the closest I have come. I thank you for putting it out here so people can know and remember.

victoria ray

it hurts crazy bad to read this yet it is inspiring because i never want this to happen again i hope that the murderers who did this are punished and the victoms safe with there god.

Ron Moraca

Heydrich, the Lord Protector of Moravia, had to die, for he was a beast.
The people of Lidice were treated with barbaric and savage cruelty by the SS minions of Hitler, per his orders.
My heart goes out to the victims, and the living, of Lidice. None of them will be forgotten by the world or by their survivors.

lea Bisconte

I was one of the performers in the Daniel Perna production , telling the story of Lidice and the townspeople who were murdered in that small town. although it was in 1975, the memories of that horrific act still haunt me today. Let us never forget!

Lida Aukschun

We memorized this poem at Joaquin Elementary School in Provo, Utah in probably the late forties or early fifties. It was part of that early effort to help us remember the atrocities of the war. Most of our fathers had been in the war. Mine was in the Battle of the Bulge. We were also required to watch films of the Neuremberg Trials. I am grateful to have this. I have remembered much of this, but not all of it. Thank you for publishing it. Not all of us have forgotten it.


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Emily Luther

My school and I are doing this poem for a one act and we just performed it today!!!!


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Ben H. Lashbaugh

I also have been searching for this epic poem for many years. In October of 1942, my parents were taking Life Magazine in which this poem was printed. I was in the 7th grade. I memorized the first part of the poem and recited it as part of a program regarding the War. It has stuck in my mind ever since. Wonderful tribute to the people of Lidice!

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