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August 23, 2006



Vidiot- she said she wasn't going to hassle you, so therefore what she was doing was not hassling you! She even went so far, out of the goodness of her heart, to warn you that other cops might not be so nice in their not-hassling you about breaking the not-law. And this is how you thank her? why do you hate America?


First, you take pictures. What's next? Spitting on the flag??

What do you think would happen if you pulled out a copy of the rule that says you CAN take pictures? Most likely, further harrassment for calling them out on their "misunderstanding" of the law.


Mike: To your first point, I don't think the permission of the auothr gets you off the hook when it comes to plagiarism. I think the most important factor is whether you are deceiving your readers, and this is where Romenesko is in the clear. He did his copying in plain view and invited all of us to look at his methods. That's why I find the we-didn't-know undercurrent of Moos' post to be lacking in credibility.Aggregation is a hot-button topic and has been for a long time, as you know. My starting point is to ask if the aggregator creates value or is just acting as a substitute for the content-creator's site. I think Romenesko clearly created value. He didn't subtract from the local audience for the stories he linked to, and he created a national audience. There is a huge difference between Romenesko and abusive aggregators like Newser and the Huffington Post.

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