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October 08, 2006



2. It is not permitted to order a drink solely because of its outré or "shocking" name, because it's illegal in parts of the world, or because it has been set on fire.

[emphasis mine]

::cough:: Corpse Reviver 2 ::cough::


Actually, I was shocked when they made it with absinthe -- I was expecting Pernod or possibly Herbsaint, but not that.

(And yes, that line was written with absinthe in mind...but it was directed at the college kids who think absinthe is cool because "they totally drink it in Prague, man", or because Jim Morrison drank it. Absinthe can be good, but it's not some magical potion just because it's (dumbly) illegal here.

(And Czech absinthe blows, IMHO.)

czeltic girl

When I was bartending, some idiot asked if we made any frozen drinks. I told him I could make him a weak cocktail and he could stand out on the sidewalk with it until it froze.

If I remember correctly, he didn't tip me. Odd.

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